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machine DMU 80 monoBLOCK

DMU 80 monoBLOCK Postprocessor


Machine Tool Details:

DMU 80 monoBLOCK - 5 axis (XYZBC) machine tool for universal 5-side and simultaneous multiaxis machining, equipped with swivel milling head (B-axis). The machine can provide high dynamic and accurate machining of parts up to 900 kg.

Work area X/Y/Zmm880/630/630
B axis angle rangedeg-120/+30
С axis angle rangedeg0/360
Spindle SK40/HSK-A63rev/min12/18/24000
Rapid traverse speedm/min30

Postprocessors Names:

  • DMU80monoBLOCK_H530.opt/pmoptz
  • DMU80monoBLOCK_S840.opt/pmoptz
  • DMU80monoBLOCK_H530.cnc
  • DMU80monoBLOCK_S840.cnc

CAM System Supported:

  • PowerMILL
  • FeatureCAM

CNC Supported:

  • Siemens 840D
  • Heidenhain TNC530

Standard Postprocessor Features:

  • Linear Motion (XYZ)
  • Circular Motion
  • Tool Radius Compensation
  • Output Units (Metric)
  • Spindle Control
  • Coolant Control
  • Automatic Tool Change
  • Feedrate Control (Direct/Parametric)
  • Drilling Cycles

Special Postprocessor Features:

  • RTCP
  • Tilted Working Planes
  • Continious Multiaxis Motions


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