3D machine tools models (mtd, md files)

Each machine tool can be described by its mathematical model, which is referred to as the Kinematic Model of the Machine. This model contains information used by the Delcam Postprocessor to transform coordinates received from the CLDATA file (Model Coordinates) into coordinates of a machine tool (Machine Coordinates). This transformation is called the Inverse Kinematic Problem.

MTD (for PowerMILL) or MD (for FeatureCAM) files can be used to understand how machine tools will move during the cutting of a part.
You can simulate calculated toolpaths using machine tool model in PowerMILL. It helps to avoid any collisions beetween the different parts of the machine tool and to prevent dangerous situations.

There are the following CAD models of machine tools available for ordering. The models are presented in formats: stl, step, x_t, iges.
For all presented machines .mtd (PowerMILL) and .md (FeatureCAM) files are created.
For quotation please email info@postprocessor.su.

Machine tool model picture Machine tool name
machine Breton MX800 Breton MX800
machine Breton 1000 Eagle Breton 1000 Eagle
machine CB Ferrari A15 CB Ferrari A15
machine CB Ferrari A17 CB Ferrari A17
machine CB Ferrari A18 CB Ferrari A18
machine CB Ferrari B17 CB Ferrari B17
machine CB Ferrari D21 CB Ferrari D21
machine CB Ferrari A15 2 CB Ferrari A15 2
станок CB Ferrari D230 CB Ferrari D230
machine Daewoo PUMA1500 SY Daewoo PUMA1500 SY
machine DMG DMU50eVo Linear DMG DMU50eVo Linear
machine DMG DMU50eVo Linear DMG DMU50eVo Linear
(2nd model)
machine DMG DMC60H DMG DMC60H
machine DMG DMC64V DMG DMC64V
machine DMG DMC75V DMG DMC75V
machine DMG DMC100U2 A DMG DMC100U2 A
machine DMG DMC105V DMG DMC105V
machine DMG DMF180 DMG DMF180
machine DMG DMF250 DMG DMF250
machine DMG DMF360 DMG DMF 360
machine DMG DMU40 monoBLOCK DMG DMU40monoBLOCK
machine DMG DMU40eVo DMG DMU40eVo
machine DMG DMU50V DMG DMU50V
machine DMG DMU50V DMG DMU50V
(2nd model)
machine DMG DMU50 DMG DMU50
machine DMG DMU50 ecoline DMG DMU50 Ecoline
machine DMG DMU60 DMG DMU60 HSK40
machine DMG DMU60eVo DMG DMU60eVo
machine DMG DMU 60 P DMG DMU 60 P (A-C axes)
machine DMG DMU 65 monoBLOCK DMG DMU 65 monoBLOCK
machine DMG DMU70 DMG DMU70
machine DMG DMC 70H duoBLOCK DMG DMU 70H duoBLOCK
machine DMG DMU75 monoBLOCK DMG DMU75 monoBLOCK
machine DMG DMU75 HSC DMG DMU75 HSC Linear
machine DMG DMU80T DMG DMU80T
machine DMG DMU80 monoBLOCK DMG DMU80 monoBLOCK
machine DMG DMU80 monoBLOCK DMG DMU80 monoBLOCK
machine DMG DMU80 duoBLOCK DMG DMU80 duoBLOCK
machine DMG DMU 80P duoBLOCK DMG DMU 80P duoBLOCK
machine DMG DMU80 eVo DMG DMU80 eVo
machine DMG DMU 85 monoBLOCK DMG DMU 85 monoBLOCK
machine DMG DMU100 DMG DMU100 monoBlock
machine DMG DMU105 DMG DMU105 monoBlock
machine DMG DMU125P DMG DMU125P
machine DMG DMU125P DMG DMU125P
(2nd model)
machine DMG DMU160P DMG DMU160P
machine DMG DMU160P DMG DMU160P
(with A axis)
machine DMG DMU200P DMG DMU200P
machine DMG 1250 machine DMG CTX 1250 Beta
machine DMG 2000 GAMMA machine DMG 2000 GAMMA
machine DMG Ultrasonic 20 machine DMG Ultrasonic 20
machine Doosan Puma 1500 Y Doosan Puma 1500 Y
machine Doosan Puma 240 MSB Doosan Puma 240 MSB
machine Doosan Puma MX2500 Doosan Puma MX2500
machine Famup HV2000X5 Famup HV 2000 X5
machine Famup MF560X5 Famup MF560 X5
Fanuc Robodrill
machine Fidia K197 Fidia K197
machine Fidia K199 KRV Fidia K199 KRV
machine Fidia K211 Fidia K211
machine Fidia G996 BSH Fidia G996 BSH
machine FPT Dino FPT Dino
machine Grob G350 Grob G350
machine Haas ST-10 HAAS ST-10
machine Haas MiniMill HAAS MiniMill
machine Haas VF2 3axis HAAS VF2

(3 axis version)
machine Haas VF2 HAAS VF2

(rotary axes equipped)
machine Haas VF4 HAAS VF4
machine Haas VF5 HAAS VF5
machine Haas VF6 HAAS VF6
machine Haas VF8 HAAS VF8
machine Haas VF9 HAAS VF9
machine Heller MCA H150 Heller MCA H150
machine Hermle 20 Hermle C20
machine Hermle C30 Hermle C30 STR280
Hermle C30 STR630
machine Hermle C40 Hermle C40
machine Hermle C42 Hermle C42
machine Hermle C40T Hermle C40T
machine Hermle C50 Hermle C50
machine Hermle C600U Hermle C600U
machine Hermle C800U Hermle C800U
machine Hermle C1200U Hermle C1200U
machine Hermle U740 Hermle U740
machine Hermle U1130 Hermle U1130
Huron K2X8
Huron KX8
Huron KX100
Isper C3
Isel 4030
Robot Kuka Robot Kuka
Robot Kuka 125 Robot Kuka 125
Robot Kuka 150 Robot Kuka 150
Robot Kuka 210 Robot Kuka 210
Robot Kuka 240 Robot Kuka 240
Machine Mazak HyperQuadrex 150 MSY Machine Mazak HyperQuadrex 150 MSY
Machine Mazak Integrex 200-IV ST Machine
Mazak Integrex 200-IV ST
Machine Mazak Integrex 300-IV S Machine
Mazak Integrex 300-IV S
Machine Mazak Integrex 400-IV S Machine
Mazak Integrex 400-IV S
Machine Mazak 1060v Machine
Mazak 1060v
Machine Mazak 1060v R90 Mazak 1060v R90
Machine Mazak MF640M Mazak MF640M
machine Mazak Variaxis 550 Mazak Variaxis 550
machine Mazak Variaxis 630 Mazak Variaxis 630
machine Mazak VTC800 Mazak VTC 800
machine Mikron HSM200U LP Mikron HSM200U LP
machine Mikron HSM400U Mikron HSM400U
machine Mikron HSM600U Mikron HSM600U
machine Mikron UCP710 Mikron UCP710
machine Mikron UCP1350 Mikron UCP1350
machine Mori Seiki NMV5000 Mori Seiki NMV5000
machine Mori Seiki NMV8000 Mori Seiki NMV8000
machine JMH 500 JMH 500
machine Nakamura Tome TW20 Nakamura Tome TW20
machine Nakamura Tome TW20SY Nakamura Tome TW20 SY
machine Nakamura Tome NTX Nakamura Tome NTX
machine Okuma Genos 460 VE Okuma Genos 460 VE
machine Okuma Genos M560 V Okuma Genos M560 V
machine Okuma MM300 TB Okuma MM300 TB
machine Okuma MU400 VA Okuma MU400 VA
machine Okuma MU500 VA Okuma MU500 VA
machine Okuma MA600 H Okuma MA600 H
machine Okuma Millac 33 TU Okuma Millac 33 TU
machine Okuma Millac 761 V Okuma Millac 761 V
machine Okuma Millac 852 V Okuma Millac 852 V
machine Okuma Millac 1052 V Okuma Millac 1052 V
machine Okuma MB 56 V Okuma MB 56 V
machine Okuma MCR-BIII Okuma MCR-BIII
machine Paventa Plus1200 Paventa Plus1200
machine Rambaudi Ramfast RF105 Rambaudi Ramfast RF105
machine Roeders RXP 500 Roeders RXP 500
machine Roeders 600 DS Roeders 600 DS
machine Roeders RXP 601 Roeders RXP 601
machine Roeders RFM 1000 S Roeders RFM 1000 S
machine Roeders RXP 1201 Roeders RXP 1201
machine Spinner U5-620 Spinner U5-620
machine Starrag ZT800 Starrag ZT800
machine Sterlitamak 500 VB Sterlitamak 500 VB
machine DMG 2000 GAMMA Machine tool DMG 2000 GAMMA
machine Takisawa TS4000YS Machine tool Takisawa TS4000 YS
machine Takisawa YCM Machine YCM

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